The Portrait Studio

Since 2007 we have had the great pleasure of shooting Portrait Photographs for hundreds of families, children and babies.  We set up our studio so that we can focus on the personality and relationships rather than making sure our subjects stay in one place.  We run a range of promotions throughout the year to focus on different subjects or themes.  With all of our services there is no hard sell.  Naturally we take a lot of care and pride in producing images that are of the highest quality and hope you want to buy many of them but that is your decision!

Here are some of our most popular events.

The Fairy Experience

We are proud to be the only studio that works with The Fairy Experience in our area.  Twice a year we turn our studio into an enchanted forest and invite all the Fairies and Elves to come for a magical and unique studio experience.  The children have a great time and parents love the timeless images that result!

If you would like your children to take part in the next event, please contact us here and we will send your invite as soon as we start taking bookings.  A £20 fee is chargeable at booking for our Fairy sessions.

My 1st Year

Our 'My 1st Year' scheme includes three photo shoots to document baby's huge development, from cuddly bundle to tear-around tot!  At the end of the three shoots we provide a beautiful framed multi image picture, featuring your choice of image from each of the three sessions.  Our normal charge for this scheme is £125 but keep a look out on our Facebook page as we do GIVE these vouchers away every now and then!

Beautiful Portraits


We provide specific shoots for older kids (as they often get left out with all the babies).  Entering the teenage years is a big deal in life or leaving school, turning 18 too.  All significant times in your children lives.  Much more aimed at boosting confidence and showing off their personalities, Teens usually really enjoy their shoot (even the quiet ones!).

Child Portraits

Cake Smash

A 1st or 2nd (or even 3rd) birthday is a great excuse to eat cake and get very messy!  At our Cake Smash shoots, we get everyone warmed up with typical fun portraits of the family and then switch everything around and get that cake out!  Face plants, stomps, squidgy fingers and a cake hat, everything goes to capture the progress from fresh to filthy in less than 10 minutes!

If you would like your child to take part in our cake smash shoots, please contact us here and we will get yours arranged.  A £20 fee is chargeable at booking for our Cake Smash shoots (cake provided by parents).

Sibling Portrait

Super Siblings

Throughout the holidays we like to run our Super Siblings shoots.  These are to showcase the relationships between brothers and sisters (no matter how old).  Fast paced and fun, it is all about personality rather than sibling rivalry.

The Family

Many families never get around to having professional images taken of them all together.  Our studio can comfortably hold 12 people for large families and getting the grandparents in too.  At each shoot we will take a variety of shots with different groupings from the family,  some posed, some not!  After the shoot we will post the images on your own viewing gallery for the family to see and select.