Studio Price List

All of your selected images go through our professional post production to make sure that your pictures stand out and provide years of viewing pleasure.  We could simply "shoot and burn" a disc but we have more pride in our work.  We want your images to be as good as possible, not the same as other studios.  

We have two types of images, print and digital.  Print for those that want professionally printed and mounted images that will look as good in 10 years as they do today.  Digital for thoses who want to copy and print themselves to take advantage of the huge amount of options now available on the web. 

See below for the various options.

Single Prints

Prints are fully colour manged and come mounted, 12x16 and above are print only, all prints can be mounted and laminated at extra cost.

7 x 5"      £30

8 x 6"     £40

10 x 8"   £50

12 x 16"  £145

20 x 16" £195

24 x 20" £245

Multi Image mounted prints

16 x 12" with 3 images  £150

16 x 16" with 4 images  £165

20 x 16" with 9 images  £195

20 x 20" with 9 images £225

Digital Files

Full resolution files print to around 20", larger if required for beautiful wall art

Single High res                £95

2  High res files                £125 (£62.50 each)

4  High res files               £165 (£41.25 each)

8  High res files               £215 (£26.87 each)

10  High res files               £245 (£24.50 each)

15  High res files               £300 (£20.00 each)

20  High res files               £340 (£17.00 each)

30  High res files               £375 (£12.50 each)

40  High res files               £425 (£10.62 each)

*additional images over 40 qty charged at just £5 each.

All images Low res           £175* (approx £4.50 each)

(All our images come with standard retouching, so don't worry about any bruises or dribble 😉 )

*The low res images are optimised for screen display and therefore are not large enough for printing

Canvas & Aluminium floating panels

Extensively retouched images that become pieces of art to show off on your walls.

12x12               £95

12x16               £165

16x20             £245

20x24             £315

30x24             £425

30x40             £545

Other sizes available, some sizes may not be available for floating panels.

Print Packages


4 prints - any size     15% off

6 prints - any size      20% off

8 prints - any size     25% off

10+ prints - any size    35% off


Awsome package 1

20x16" canvas wrap

10 high res images

4 8x6" prints


Saves you £185!

We can change sizes in the packages if required

Awsome package 2

24x20" canvas wrap

All image disc (high res)

4 10x8" prints


Saves you £345!

We can change sizes in the packages if required

Payment options - You can pay via bank transfer (00395604  sc 30-15-53), by paypal (send to, Credit and debit cards or cash on collection!

We offer payment plans in case you want to get a great value package but don't want to take the hit in one go.  You can pay over 2, 3 or 4 installments if you wish (1st with order).  Once the balance is cleared, your images will be ready to go!